Top Ten International Magazines for Students

It is often said that extensive reading is a must to crack the MBA entrances, especially the Verbal section. Now, the question is what you should read to gather the knowledge and augment your communication skills. Your reading regimen should include lots of interesting and educational stuff including the international magazines for students like:

1. The Economist:

It is the most read business magazine encompassing a swathe of international economics and politics. It is a weekly magazine with lots of news-worthy content although the prose is quite overwhelming.

2. Money:

This is pure finance along with a supplementary diet of business news, financial market data, and stock quotes. If finance is not your forte, it may not prove worthy to you.

3. Frontline:

This magazine defines a versatile reading. It covers the stories from across the world on numerous topics. However, it requires a lot of focus to comprehend it completely.

4. Bloomberg Business Week:

This is a weekly international magazine that is not purist about business as Economist is. It entertains with stories on technology, entertainment, business, and finance. It is agreeably attuned to the business world.

5. Entrepreneur:

This magazine will persuade the entrepreneur in you to bring your ideas into reality. It focuses on the small businesses and provides them sufficient information for starting, managing, and growing their enterprise. If you are not an entrepreneur-type, then it may not be for you.

6. The New Yorker:

The New Yorker is comprised with culturally diverse content. It includes politics, business, world affairs, art reviews, poetry, fiction, and lots more. So, it is a magazine that will keep you engaged to reading for long hours.

7. Forbes:

It talks about the elite in the global business. Forbes is rich in information about the companies and people who run them so successfully. It is a must-read if you also dream to make it big in the corporate world.

8. Fast Company:

This international magazine covers all the latest trends in the business world. It gives an unsullied approach to the art of entrepreneurship.

9. The Wall Street Journal:

It is one of the most renowned global business magazines. It covers a lot of international news and trends related to the domains of business and finance.

10. Business World:

This magazine stands out in the terms of its editorial pieces and news content. The language is polished, indeed. The only flaw is that it is published fortnightly. So, you may miss its weekly dose.
These are the top 10 magazines for the students preparing for coveted entrance exams.

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